When and How did I start reading?

I think I used to read a lot of technical and non-technical books in my past. I read a lot of story books in English and Tamil. By late with a family, I have stopped reading and I have stopped learning

I am having a fun time with the role of Project Manager. You know what this is fun is. I was discussing with my friend Prakash how I was doing and he asked me some wonderful question.

the first question was "How did you learn C++?" My answer was by learning The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup. The next question was " How did you learn C#?". My answer was by learning Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming by Jeffrey Richter. Then he asked me " How do you learn Project Management?"

This where it struck me that I am not really trying to learn for my current role and that is also a reason why I am having a lot of fun times. So I asked Prakash to suggest me some books to read and I have started reading.

Thanks a lot to you Prakash and I am debted to you.