I plan to learn TFS

I want to start looking using  TFS for enforcing software engineering practices in my project like a better source control, Automated build and unit testing. To start with i am going to migrate my source code to TFS and continue builds with Cruise Control and unit testing with nunit

I am currently using VS.Net 2008. i understand that this can directly interact with TFS 2008 and it is surprising that I can connect to TFS 2005. There is no need to in stall Visual Studio Team System at my developer boxes. This makes migration to TFS easier. I am going to start with TFS 2005 and then move to TFS 2008

I am going to post my experiences here. i plan to take these steps in my saga os using TFS for my project

0. Install TFS

1. Creation of Tasks and Bugs

2. How to check-in and check-out of code, How to take backups, Hoe to make branch. There seems to be concept called shelving here and would comment on that too

3. Migration of code from Visual Source Safe to TFS 2005 and to TFS 2008

4. How to connect from Internet. I heard from a friend that TFS 2005 needs VPN connection to connect remotely, but TFS 2008 is web enabled

5. How to configure Builds using TFS?

6. How to track bugs using TFS and associated code check-ins with a bug?