Install TFS – was not a simple task

Today I got a machine from my IT department and started TFS installation. My machines has been installed with Windows Server 2003, Office  and SQL server 2005

I understood TFS has two type of deployment Single Server installation and dual server installation. i selected single server installation as i wanted to complete my installation ASAP.

when I started installing TFS 2005, The installation checked my machine for pre-requisites. it said that it needs Windows Share Point services 2.0 and some updates to .(install first time)

The updates to was in the machine and i installed. when IT guys installed Share point services, the install went forward, but reported that share point services needs to be configured with SAL server 2005 rather than with default MSDE and suggested me to uninstall share point services and install again (install second time)

Good! i uninstalled share point services and installed the same again and configured the configuration database and content database of share point to SQL server and the configuration database name needs to STS . I got this corrected with trying the install one more time(install third time)

Now i started with install. TFS needed two user accounts one for running TFS service and one for accessing SQL report Services. I am not sure why TFS wants me to have these user accounts as domain users. I would prefer that I make use of local users and before TFS goes live, replace local users with actual domain users is needed. Very strange why the user to run service should be domain account. i have to suspend the installation and ask my It team for the needed user accounts(install fourth time)

Then i find the TFS install documentation talking about these needs. I could have read, but my motivation in using TFS is subdued with multiple installations

On installing the fifth time, i completed TFS installation successfully. To start using the TFS 2005 ASAP, there is no support and we need to install Team Explorer which integrates with a Visual Studio shell

Installing Team explorer(sixth time) helped me to create a TFS project. There are two type of users to TFS TFS users and windows users. i provided security access to my windows login and my colleague’s login. Then i could set security permissions and  access default project portal configured in sharepoint.

Hope using TFS 2005 would be easier. I would expect my install experience to be better and would look forward for better install experience with TFS 2008.