Does the cost permit me to migrate both TFS client and TFS server to 2008?

Now I plan to migrate to TFS 2008. When I performed Google on features of 2008,

1. the first interesting fact for me is that there is no need for team system edition at developer machine. Developers can use Visual Studio Professional 2008 and can connect to TFS 2005 and TFS 2008.This means that I can start new TFS server 2008 and migrate from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008. if I succeed, I ask the developers to connect to TFS 2008, else they can continue with existing TFS 2005.

2.After seeing the list of TFS 2008 features in  Bharry’s weblog, the support for Continuous integration build and support for merges makes me think of moving to TFS 2008 wagon.

3. Rally has announced support for TFS

4. TFS 2008 is actually a minor release, moving from 1.0 to 1.5 which gives me some comfort

Licensing model of TFS 2008 seems to be different. will i be able to install TFS 2008 trial version and have smooth transition to licensed version of TFS 2008. These blogs make me believe so Upgrading from TFS 2008 Trial to TFS 2008 Full

I decide that I will buy license for TFS2008 server and connect from Visual studio Professional 2008. When I felt all was fine, I am still confused with Team Foundation Server Client Access Licenses with respect to TFS 2008.

Seems that a you need to Buy Team Foundation Server Client Access Licenses for each user or device that accesses Team Foundation Server.When you purchase a team edition, you also receive a CAL (Client Access License) for accessing Team Foundation Server. This blog provides more details on TFS client and server licensing

I have to think again before making a decision. It costs me to upgrade my server and upgrade my client and I would possible to use the old TFS 2005 . I need to upgrade any way to Visual Studio Professional 2008 for support to .Net 3.5

Should I move out to Subversion and be done with TFS once for all? it is an option to look at too

Some more links to earmark are Khushboo’s blog provides a way to perform continuous integration build through TFS add-in