Package a set of installation package in to a single combined install package

Currently the tools developed by us are packaged in to installation package of its own and available for download for end users. We thought it can be cool to have a single installer package for all the tools so that the user just downloads one package and gets all the needed tools.

Packaging seems to be have a lot of scenarios. I captured few of them and have posted them here.

1. Will each of the individual packages publish themselves in Add/Remove Program ? or just the combined install?

2. Each of the tools support UAC prompt while installation. Should the combined install also support UAC? my answer is yes

3. Should we support 64bit and 32 -bit in same combined install? Or we have one  combined install for 86 and one for 64 bit(which i prefer)

4. Should the individual install run with their user interface or they need to run in silent mode? if they run in silent mode, a progress bar showing what is getting installed will be useful. We need to have ability to show some of them and not to show some of them(like Common Files)

5. Should I be able to select the individual tools that I want to install during installation? in the same way should I be able to select some products alone during uninstall

6. if one of the individual tools is modified for a bug fix or added with a new feature, we release the combined install. What should be the user experience with this?

7. Can the individual packages and the combined packages be both available for  download. will there be problems?