Google Chrome Beta and IE8 Beta

I found that Google has developed Google Chrome, a browser and downloaded the same and installed on my application. The browser starts fast and multiple tabs seem to be working fine.

I also downloaded IE8 current version available to download  and with same sites opened in multiple tabs, I found IE8 crashing.

Please read the Comic book about Google Chrome. First, this is written very well and shows what is different between Chrome and today’s browsers. The concept of task manager for Browser is awesome and I loved it. The concept here seems to be somewhat similar to dllhost.exe that Microsoft used to offer for COM+.

The other nice thing I noticed in Chrome was that there is a URL box for every tab and the URL seems to be sensitive and helpful in finding the web site. Seems that Google has added some or its search functionality here.

I already seemed to like Chrome more than IE8. I would also look how Chrome works for File transfer, as File upload and File download functionality vary  across browsers and browser versions.