Parallel extensions in .Net

In 1997, i studied parallel computing as an elective in my college and would understand how additions and multiplications of LARGE integers can be done faster. when I started to work as software developer, i started with single processor PCs with IGB hard drive space and 128 MB RAM . Most of my coding happened in this time where I used to write a lot of threading code, but has only one processor

My team today writes threading programs in .Net and used multi-core machines and multi-processor machines and I happened to see this article in sourceForge that talks about being parallelism to .Net. I would be glad to see the day when what I learnt long back is used in application development my work place. This blog talks about the challenges that are going to be faced by developers to write programs that can make use of parallel processing power. In addition, I have bookmark the following sites

Optimize Managed Code For Multi-Core Machines

Parallel Computations in C#