8 things you never do with your kids

I read an article in Times of India about this. Some of them I was able to relate to more than just with kids. I have written each of them and start looking them from what I am doing today and how I should deal them in future.

1. Do not compare your children with their siblings. Accept that every child is different.Identify and build their strengths. I do not want to compare, but end up comparing and I need to cautiously avoid this.

2. Do not pass the buck of responsibility to your partner. It is easy to deal with bad behavior right there. Spending more time at work, I am passing buck of home to my partner which I should stop.

3. Do not try to frighten your child to get the child perform a job. Rather than talks straight to the child and tell them what it is that you want them to do. May be a Good Eye contact can help

4. Kids always do not want to left alone or abandoned. Hence never say them you would leave them, but help them to do the tasks faster.

5. Never label your child. if you label them as naughty, they start to believe that naughtiness is part of what they are and start living up to that label. Hence say " I do not like the way you are behaving." This is something I have been trying hard not to do, I have reduced, but still do labeling.

6. Never criticize their mistakes. different kids learn at different pace. Explain them what went wrong and how they could have avoided the mistake and motivate them that they can do better in future with a little more focus.

7. Never say "I wish you have never born". if you want to say, got to the next room and calm yourself. I give a lot of loose talk and the person with me is hurt and I really did not mean to say those words. I need to stop this.

8.Never say " why do you never do a thing I tell you?" instead be specific of what you want them exactly to do and explain " I would prefer that you do this way" with more body language.