Do you want Bangalore to be a city of green or city of glass boxes?

Today I happen to listen to the session on "Climate Change" by Vinutha Gopal. She was explaining about how the earth has become warm and how will this affect al of us and also stressed the importance of changing.

After hearing this session, I am wondering what do I see today. Glass used in offices of companies and in apartments. At my home, it is becoming very cold in the night and some times I think we might need a heater like being in USA. When I also feel that  Bangalores’ aesthetics is slowly and gradually being wiped off by the emerging glass trend, people are also asking me to be aware of the environmental damage that such buildings cause.

The buildings are centrally air-conditioned. They let out heat. Even glass facades that are used today do not provide complete natural lighting.

I wan to bookmark  this  blog for future reference. I feel that each person in Bangalore needs to answer this question whether he wants a city that is greener or a city of glass boxes. We better act earlier as we have already lost the "garden" in the garden city.