Learnt about novel anti-corruption campaign

Fifth Pillar India, an NGO set up to fight corruption, has printed over 200,000 zero-denomination notes that resemble Indian currency and has begun distributing them around the country. It is asking people to give the notes to anyone demanding a bribe.It consulted leading lawyers in Chennai before printing the zero rupee note.The promise of redemption by the Central Bank Governor has been replaced by a new pledge: ‘I promise to neither accept nor give bribe.’

Today I met Vijay Anand President of Fifth Pillar India in AID INDIA 11th Conference and he raises an important question. if NGO helps common man to get things and the people in government makes use of this opportunity to swindle money, how do we find that this is happening and how to prove the money was spend by NGO and not by the government official.

He has been running a novel anti-corruption campaign and he says that the current 30s and above are already corrupt and let me make the college students and school students say no to corruption so that future generations have a better society. With RTI, he is confident that the fight against corruption has been strengthened.

  I wish him all success in his drive against corruption and I am doing a pledge that " I promise to neither accept nor give a bribe". I am contemplating what is the support I can offer to his effort in Karnataka especially in Bangalore.