Learning from AID conference 2008

  1. There is a lot to do in social responsibility. Than money, there is need of people with knowledge and willing to work.
  2. There is lot to do outside work and computer for me as software professional.But NGO also needs computer and organization skills to be run successfully.
  3. Running an NGO is more challenging than running a profit oriented company. here you work for salary and can look   for salary hikes if you perform well. In NGO, there is no hike, even appreciation for the work come after a long time
  4. I learnt the following from Balaji Sampath. he talked with respect to AID INDIA, but looked like management concepts to me
       1.Do not underestimate social work
       2. Be consistent in working on the problem
       3. Continuous and focus on your goals and keep looking for feedback
       4. Based on feedback, plan for continuous learning and improvement
       5. Simple works, hence make it simple.
  5. I also learnt that using Linux does not mean working with vi Editor any more. Linux also has a lot of cool application and desktop and you need work on terminal unless you really want to work on one. I need to start to be open
  6. Learnt about copyrights and difference between creator and owner. Creator is inventor and owner is more of distributor. Most of the copyrights and royalties goes to distributor and very little to creator. Distributor becomes powerful than creator which is neither good for creator nor for public.
  7. Learnt about Open Software foundation, but still trying to find how it can win against proprietary standards
  8. Learnt about 5th Pillar’s fight against corruption. I am carrying the fifth pillar bag with ZERO rupee note with me every day I go on the VOLVO bus to office from today.
  9. Learnt about solar-powered LED lantern. More can be found at this article. This is a great invention and should reach the villages of the world, not just India

I promised myself that I would work on the question: Do I need to run my rat race only or run the rat race for work hours and do some thing else in my non-work hours?