New Year – Visit to Ambedkar Computing Center

Wish You Happy New Year 2009

Yesterday I had visited the Ambedkar Computing Center. it is located in Sudarshan Layout (behind IBM off of Bannerghatta Road), Bangalore. Reach Jayadeva Flyover and go towards Dairy circle. Take the right before IBM campus and you reach Sudarshan Layout. More information is available at this link.

I took a bus and reached there and walked to the center. I met the students yesterday evening. they were having a new year gala, but looked at the infrastructure.  there are three set of people I see here. First set are software professionals who want to help, the second set is Mani, Saraswathi and people similar to them and third group is the children who are the end beneficiaries

I want to talk more about the second group. this group consists of students who are in the first years of college or last years of school.One thing that astonishes me is the confidence these guys have in their cultural activities. They have a time sense and I see pride in their eyes for the work they do. Kudos to you guys. I also see how they have taken Open software to common man.A lot of appreciation to Balaji kutty, Senthil  and others who have helped the center to mature.

Where I can help more with this initiative in the order of priority

  • Volunteer your time teaching at the center
  • Help in starting up new centers in Bangalore
  • Help with improving the curriculum