In the name of culture?

I have been reading about the attacks on women going to pubs in Mangalore. When the attackers seem to justify this a pub culture,  intelligentia are looking this as keeping women under control. i read a nice article on Hindu by Kalpana Sharma where I took the title for this topic

My call on this is folks are using pub culture to keep women under control. I am not justifying the fact that women go to a pub and drink alcohol and I feel that it is injurious health more and it is as injurious to health as to a man. Why don’t we stop serving of alcohol in public for all? then woman also cannot drink

Why not Sri Rama Sene fight against the following

1. Eating Pizza is not our culture.
2. Burger is definitely not ours and makes people obese.
3. Coke too is not out culture and it also causes damages to our environment and leaves people  out of drinking water and many more.

We can be adding more to this list. But I would expect to redirect their energies towards more constructive things in the society.

Here I want to quote the following paragraphs from article "Voices of dissent " by USHA JESUDASAN on the same day as Kalpana article

The instinct to suppress is alive in all of us. Men suppress women. The best of parents suppress their children’s curiosity, talents, energy and creative growth. Many mothers suppress their daughters’ desires to be independent, fearing that the girls will grow away from them emotionally. Bosses suppress their juniors’ promotion in fear that they will become more active and more prominent than they are. Teachers suppress children’s creative outbursts. Wherever one person holds more power than another, there is the temptation to suppress. So we are all perpetrators or victims of suppression in some way or another. In every act of suppression, there is some violence.

Let us be aware of what suppression is, what it does and how it affects the people we suppress. It also means standing in solidarity with those who dissent to bring justice, freedom and peace, so that they are not lone voices which can easily be put down.