Learnt what can be customized in TFS

Thanks a lot,Kumaresan, Today I learnt the following about TFS

  • TFS templates are customizable. You can add new fields, remove existing fields, make a field mandatory, have custom values for selection controls and even modify the user interface to place the fields as per the need of your organization. What I liked more is a XML representation that can be modified. I could customize the template. that is awesome
  • I also got introduced to TFS Power Tools. They are now available for TFS 2005 and TFS 2008. Power Tools help customization more easier.
  • I was thinking are there a lot of templates available and can we build process templates. There are a lot of existing process templates for different software development process. Most of them are free at this location Team System Widgets. There are few commercial ones too.

Some of the drawbacks I still notice is

  • All these advances are available using the TFS explorer only. I would like to have a user interface that is more friendly. This is cool for developers only.
  • Hierarchal relationship is not still inbuilt between work items where it is needed.
  • Merging of source code across multiple product branches continues as fun.
  • Need of VPN infrastructure to access from remote location increases cost of usage for projects with teams across multiple locations. This should be mandatory for developers who check-in code and should be optional for managers and tester.

I see a lot of potential for using TFS as platform and building reports and other user friendly tools. I also saw some webcasts that talks about future features of TFS2010. I think new features are cool

Hey I would like to stop here on TFS and like to know what is happening for collaboration software at the non-Microsoft world. This Dobb’s article talks about how collabnet is getting geared up to move to cloud computing space.