Some improvements promised in Windows 7 over Vista

I still make use of XP in my work laptop and evaluated Vista and decided that I need not move. The reasons were my boss did not allow upgrade to 4GB RAM stating that it is too high performance needed for non -developer. in addition, I did not become aggressive on the upgrade,as I did want to go through the same fun (experienced in home laptop) again in work laptop. After reading some comparison of Win7 vs Vista and hearing from friends, I am thinking that I can move to Win7. The following facts seems to influence me.

  • Windows 7 is built on the same basic architecture as Windows Vista, so most applications will retain their compatibility between these operating systems.
  • Windows 7 was designed to perform well on the same hardware that runs Windows Vista well, while delivering additional performance and reliability improvements. Windows 7 boots faster and has a smaller memory footprint than Windows Vista.
  • Windows 7 and the Windows Server 2008 operating system share a common code base, and are maintained with a single servicing model
  • Windows 7 delivers a richer experience when users are connected to a virtual desktop—much closer to the experience provides by a native Windows desktop
  • Windows 7 includes enhancements to the User State Migration Tool (USMT), a command-line tool that you use to migrate operating system settings, files, and other user profile data from one PC to another.

when I am happy that my work laptop can be upgraded to win 7,  I am still not sure that I can upgrade my home laptop to Win7(bought in 2003)