Challenges in Cloud Computing

I thought let me start thinking of building an application that can reside in the cloud. when I started evaluating the challenges and risks that are involved in hosting cloud computing applications, things are not rosy. The following challenges are faced by Cloud computing providers and we need to understand them prior to building application that can reside in the cloud.

1. Integration of applications that are available in the cloud: As customer, I want to use the services offered by two different computing providers in integrated way to satisfy my business needs. Are there applications already?

2. Compliance to government regulatory compliance and security issues. The compliance might vary based on the country where the data has its origin. Are there any standard audits to make sure that cloud computing provider is adhering to SLAs and governmental compliance’s?

3 Potential for downtime-time the system is not available for use as they lead adverse affects for the customer business. How will this affect customer’s business? What are the Service Level Agreements (SLA) that are signed? What is the resolution time for outage? What happens if the issues are not resolved in the time specified by SLA?

4. Users do not want to move to the new version. They are contented with the old version and would remain so. They are also concerned with risk of losing existing data and reports. Today I am not sure that this is possible. You do not have a choice in the decision to upgrade.

5. Location of data. Today, you never know where your data is stored in the cloud. This raises again to  all sorts of compliance issues around data privacy, segregation, and security. Storing large amounts of data about users’ identity and preferences is likely to raise new concerns about privacy protection.

6. Lack of clarity on the approach of how to migrate the existing applications and data to the cloud.

7. Non availability of  management tools to manage cloud computing from Cloud computing consumer and cloud computing provider

8. Justify the cost paid to service residing in the cloud vs outsourcing the service to another organization.Prove the financial case for yourself. Evaluate how much it costs on cloud and compare it to running the system internally and outsource the system.

To the degree that cloud computing raises risk, it will inhibit adoption in equal measure, particularly among enterprises. If the application in the context of business practice is non-mission-critical, then the application can reside in the cloud. If the application in the context of business practice is mission-critical, Do not cloud-enable it. I am finding this similar to deciding whether applications are going to be behind the firewall or not.