Is India’s family structure, markets and workplace in the process of transformation?

I  extracted some points from the article "Call Centre Couple trend is inevitable: Jagdish Sheth" in Economic Times. He talks about the the rise of the New Middle Class (NMC) which I refer to as The Call Centre Couple and it affects on market place and work place. Please click on the above link to read the article.  I am trying to see where I and my wife are today and would I go through these transformation or not.

Time has become a scarce resource and since both work, there is permanent time shift and time poverty for daily activities of shopping, workings, sleep and recreation. I am losing time and working hard to get time for family, sleep and recreation

They will, over time, become incompetent in home making activities and skills and therefore, cannot pass them on to the next generation. I feel that some of my skills are lost, but will work to keep them

The most common language both at work and at home is English even though both the husband and wife come from the same linguistic and cultural heritage. We talk in English at home and are now with conscious effort change to Tamil

They only want to buy only branded products which are ready to consume, as both quality conscious and value conscious. Should we also be cost conscious? Multinationals are using this to increase prices and we are happy to pay the increase price. I do not see brand for me, but we buy branded stuff for my kids. We see that the only things we get from supermarkets  nearby home are branded and there are rarely Neighborhood Provision Store

When Wants Become Needs: What were wants, desires and dreams of the past generations are all at once becoming necessities of this NMC.Therefore, affordability and ability to pay will put even more stress on the CCC, resulting in a highly stressed employee at the workplace. I and my wife do not want this to happen and are trying to be aware of the reality of wants are becoming needs.

I agree with his concluding view that the transformation is inevitable and most likely irreversible at least in the short run. I might try to resist, but my children would go through the transformation.if you are interested to know how the market place is trying to exploit NMC, please look at Shyam articles.