What is Nemo? is it the fish from the movie "Nemo" or does it mean something else.

Nemo is a new approach to mobile application development and comes from Everypoint. Let me go back and think of the times when I thought that applications working on the web browsers would work on the mobile browsers with little or no additional developer effort and I learnt the challenge in building applications for mobile and also mobile browsers. the main challenges are

  • Trying to develop applications that run across phones with different hardware and software capabilities simply doesn’t scale.
  • Your big ideas that would easily run on a PC simply can’t be brought to a typical mobile phone like the support for cool user interface and the bandwidth
  • Debugging. Not knowing exactly why your application failed on a real device  and not having a simple approach to debug the problem.

if some one is interested in mobile application development for mobile applications, please look at beta program of Nemo