Move your software development to cloud

With cloud management for development, allocation and provision of systems – on demand is a challenge.One can make use of  the pooled physical and virtual machine capacity of a cloud for more flexible automation and reuse across projects. This means less time spent configuring and finding errors when software moves from one stage to the next. The tools used should help in the following

  • Getting access to heterogeneous development environments based on specific project requirements.
  • Adaptive to current workflow’s and tools.Developers and QA engineers want to stay in familiar environments.
  • Access to complementary tools and configurations across the development lifecycle.

The tools should be designed such a way that

  • Teams have control over their resources and obtain resources with a minimal delay
  • Strict access controls for shared resources dedicated to a single team. This is needed to protect your resource and in the same time creates a challenge to share additional resource with other teams
  • Teams should be able to measure and understand the cost of using the cloud resource
  • Mechanism to save state of a resource and ability to access the resource from the save state after some days

We are making use of Hyper-V for our testing environment and found that we have extra infrastructure that we can share with other teams in our organization. Lot of the challenges that existed in pre Hyper-V continues to exist in Hyper-V era, but I see a lot of advantages. One area that I would recommend software development mangers for reducing cost would be to move to Hyper-V machine for test environments