Am I ready to test networth of my network

I have a good amount of people networked on  my linkedin and was looking how to make use of my network effectively. I find that after adding them to my network, I have not interacted with some of them for quite some time. I also see a lot of people connecting with me on my network. Prior to testing networth of my network, I am looking how I should handle interactions with my  network.

  • My profile
  • Initiation: I initiate, but I need to invest time on initiation which I am not doing. Invest in time in establishing your reputation by connecting and contributing before requesting for favors/referrals. Resist the urge to send surveys/forwards to your contacts . I am not investing sufficient time too.
  • Who makes your network? Quality over quantity. Connect with a few and concentrate over converting these in to meaningful relationships. Make sure of the company you keep. you need not accept all the invitations to connect. I only accept invites and send invites to people who are real friends or people who have worked/communicated with in the past. if there is some one else interesting, I send them and talk to them and then connect
  • if you send an invitation and somebody does not respond to your request, don’t confront or remind them; gracefully accept that they did not wish to respond.

I also used to think people who think the same way, act the same way and with alignment connect and build a good network . But let me remember that different people see the world differently and so developed different languages for them to communicate what they see.  For example, there is no common understanding of the world and hence no common language. Uniformity of thinking spells doom, because it ends up controlling, hence limiting thoughts and ideas and is against the ideas of diversity and diversity is needed for survival.  I should strive hard to strike a balance between a central common theme and diversity.