Learnt IE8 cool Features

Today i installed IE8 and then searched to find the new feature in IE8. Blogging summary of my reading from MSDN article for my future reference.

Web Slices allow you to cut a Web page into pieces so that you can display and update only the parts you are interested in.One major benefit of Web Slices is that users don’t need to keep refreshing a Web page in order to track changes on the site.your system can provide deeper statistics about how users access different parts of a Web page, which can impact further design decisions.

Accelerators exist to make common tasks faster and more automated while browsing the Web.Let’s say you just found the address you were looking for on a corporate Web site and now you need driving directions. You copy the address, launch the Live Maps Web site and paste in the address.You can automate this process using an accelerator.

Internet Explorer 8 further improves search with a feature called search suggestions. As the name implies, the browser makes suggestions while you type your
search keyword.As the user types, the browser goes to the selected search suggestions provider and requests suggestions related to the search keywords. The resulting data is instantly shown to the user to create a better search experience.

One of the most significant shortcomings of cookies is the 4KB limit.DOM storage is part of the HTML 5 Working Draft and provides a huge data store (about 10MB) on the client side. This storage can be so much larger in part because the data is not sent with each request to the server as it is with cookies. Plus, the localStorage never expires.

Internet Explorer 8 provides the status of the host PCs Internet connection with online property of window.navigator. While in the past, this property represented whether the user had chosen to work offline, it now indicates whether the current user has an established connection to the network.The onoffline handler is raised when the system loses the network connection and the ononline handler is raised when the connection is restored. You can attach event listeners and be warned instantly about the state of the connection so that you can provide you users a blended experience during both online and offline functionality.