Let me pray that 500 Series buses run and I need not buy a car or Nano

i and my wife used to drive abroad. But we travel by bus in Bangalore and we are resisting the urge to buy a car. We feel that car is is a pain to drive on Indian city roads in addition to a depreciating asset and has good amount of expenses. Thanks to BMTC bus 335E and 411 series, my life was going cool for the commute to work to koramangala. we are chauffer driven by using public transport and take autorickshaw from a transit point on 335E route or due to untime arrival of buses. Now comes Nano and we decided not to bite the bait  by booking one.

while the rest of India remains fixated on Nano, Center for Science & Environment says no to all cars and puts up a strong case for public transport. This is a link to the article “Why CSE says ‘NO’ to cars”. My office shifted from central Koramangala to Outer Ring road. There are a lot of 500 series of buses going from ITPL on silk Board route. when i see a lot of people using buses to go to ITPL, i see very less people doing the same in the opposite direction and the buses are mostly empty. I feel people are reluctant to give up their cars and travel by bus!

I plan to buy a cycle. would the buses allow me to board cycle with me for free or would they provide slots in the back where i can load the cycle. if done, i would love that.