Nostalgic memories, soul searching at Chennai

After a long time I had a great vacation at Chennai with my wife and kids.I was for ten days without looking at my first wife, the laptop for 10 days. This is a remarkable achievement for me and I completed this successfully. After 10 years, I visited my college at Anna university and went to the Mathematics department and tried to meet the old faculty there. Lot of Professors who took my classes have retired and was still able to meet Dr.T.N.Shanmugam and Dr.P.Ganesan. There was nostalgic memories once I reached there. Canteen, sports ground are all same. Alas! the hostel I stayed has become U.G hostel now and the mathematics department is offering more courses and my course is offered now as Masters in Computer Science today. I am happy to still  be in touch with my classmates Thirumurgan and Gaythri Jayaraman. I think that I would go after another 10 years and I realize all the faculty I met this time would be retired by then.

I also wanted to meet my thesis advisors in IMSC. I should have planned my visit and I failed to do so and hence I was not able to meet  Dr.Venkatesh or Dr.Meena. I visited the library where I have spend long hours in post graduation days. Some changes i noticed are the library has become 2 floors and there are 2 more new buildings and professors there have their own private cabin compare to public sitting 10 years back. The central lawn is still same with the umbrella to sit and discuss research in the nature. I really miss IMSC

I also was fortunate enough to meet Ganesh and Senthil after a lot of years in Chennai at TIDEL park. they were my roomies staying with me on my first job at TIL(now TCS). I had a strange realization that all my roomies have left Bangalore and I am the one still here. I was amazed to see the improvements in the road to TIDEL park compared to 10 years ago. it is now the heart of the City on the  six-lane express way and there is Metro train going next to it and which connects you to Beach station where you can catch the ground metro transit train. Chennai seems to be really connected compare to Bangalore. I went to the Food Court there.I also met my school mate Satish in Chennai

I also visited The Theosophical Society Adyar Chennai . Thought I have stayed for 2 years near this place in the past and this place existed for more than 100 years today, i have missed visiting them. it is a beautiful campus and with a wonderful library. More Theosophical Society about can be found here. one nice thing is Theosophical Society is open to people from all religious backgrounds regardless of race, creed, sex, color, gender or any other difference between people. I saw a wonder of seeing a Hindu temple, Parsi temple church, Gurudwara sharing their compound walls.To add, Under its shade, as many as 3000 people at a time have sat and listened to discourses by  Annie Besant, J Krishnamurthi, Maria Montessori and others. 

Let me pray that i can take more vacations minus laptop atleast once a year.