Water conservation

"1 billion people (already) lack enough water to simply meet their basic needs" – WHO [1, 2]. Let’s use every drop sparingly, attend to every leak instantly. <A stirring, award-winning clip>

Here’s a truly thought provoking ~10 minute clip, taken from the award winning "Hunting down water": http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9030015547715428787&hl=en. In case you haven’t already, please make time to see it. I also request you to promote it among your friends/families/colleagues using email and other means as much as possible. Here are 5 of the simple-to-execute tips towards a low-water life style. Do propagate these through online and word of mouth.

1) Wash vehicles/floor with a wet cloth (NOT by pouring water)
2) Get a toilet flush that lets you control the outflow
3) Get leaks fixed instantly
4) Set up rain water harvesting
5) Avoid carbonated/fizzy cold drinks

The video is impressive and in addition Cauvery water has not come from April 2009 at regular intervals in my apartment complex. My apartment association decided that they are going to collect Rs 500 per summer months as water cess and we will get water, but we are going to take water from some farms or places close by and bring water scarcity there too. Though we can afford this for our families, how would everyone handle this?