Live Mesh Beta

I have faced challenges with files sharing.

  • I  wanted to sync the music and videos across all my machines,iPods. It has been difficult to sync and have spend long times in the night to Sync.
  • Same goes with sharing files with a buddy at work, when my PC is part of virtual network and my buddy is not part of the virtual network . I make use of IM  to transfer files or upload to Google docs and share with the friend, but this means creating copies of existing files and adds overhead of maintenance of media files.
  • The case is not much different when I download some files in my home PC and now want the files when i am back at work. is there a way to access the files without actually going home? May be i can ask my wife to send to me by email or IM or Google Docs What would happen if it is a very large file?

Microsoft’s is trying to provide me and all to consolidate our data together with LiveMesh. Live Mesh synchronizes data across multiple devices (currently just Windows computers, but theoretically it will extend to mobile and other devices in the future) as well as to a web desktop that exists in the cloud. It can sync data across devices used by a single users, as well as create shared spaces for multiple users.

The mesh also is trying to provide notification mechanism based on changes made to files, folders, devices, user permissions, and comments left on files/folders. in addition the mesh can work offline too with the help of client application. Is Microsoft trying to have a product to compete the market of Google Gears?

Live Mesh is in Beta and time would answer this.