Tree Felling Vs Metro VS Commercialization Bangalore

When I arrived for my first job in 1998, i was fascinated on the first ride from Majestic to location post IISC, passing through roads with beautiful tress on both sides. when I visited my employer office on 80 Feet Road, Indira Nagar, passing through CMH road, i had  a feeling of village at 80 Feet Road CMH road intersection. heavy vehicles would not go through the shady 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar

Today i heard that greater portion of the Lalbagh park is going to betaken away to create parking zones and malls at the Metro stations. Please visit this link to know more. What is happening to Bangalore?

Trees, pavements,boulevard : CMH palatial houses and road trees are fell down for Metro. I am still nostalgic to visit CMH, but it looks like a deserted  street without the trees on its sides between double Road and 100 Feet Road and my heart bleeds.  Let me not blame the metro alone. The CMH Road stretch from 80 Feet Road to 100 Fee road has become one more commercial street. No more i can walk with my little daughters on CMH road, which we used to do 3 years back.M.G Road boulevard is gone.

Climate:  One of my school friend has moved from USA to Bangalore and he was talking about the high temperatures today. i said the typical Bangalore climate that if it is hot during the day, there is going to be rain in the evening. He laughed and there is no rain. This is not the Bangalore of 1998 where if the day hot means a sure downpour in the evening for 2 hours. Seems that walking in Bangalore is same as walking in Chennai as i sweat also in Bangalore too if i walk around noon in the sun. the heat is little less compared to Chennai, but i ma sure in few years, we would match Chennai in high temperatures. But we do not have Beach to cool us down!

Should I look for another green city or try to make Bangalore garden city again? OOps! Bangalore is no more a garden city, for me. How would the old Bangaloreans feel if i myself feel this way?