Learning new ways to write better code

Thanks to Kumnaresan to share with me the website Mix online and the videos at MIX09. I plan to share my new learning’s of the last 2 days and would share more as i keep learning.

I learnt about this website http://stackoverflow.com/. if you answer yes, i think that the developer in you is still kicking around. My answer was No and I have to console myself that i am Project Manager now. I learnt that i have getting away from code.

My team build an year back ASP.net application that would work on different browsers like  IE 6, IE 7, FireFox, Safari on Mac , and Konqueror. The pains were get the layout right in all the browsers and they need to test the application works fine in every browser. I would loved if there was a designer tool that could confirm the browser compatibility of the application and there was none we were aware of. Now e Microsoft is planning to provide us SuperPreview to solve this problem.SuperPreview is part of Microsoft’s forthcoming Expression Web 3 release.

Will there be support for Chrome or Opera or Konqueror? I would like to know.They seem to provide support for IE 6, IE 7, FireFox, Safari on Mac.
Should I install all browsers for this designer experience? Microsoft promises cloud-based access to alternate browsers on Mac and Windows at an undisclosed point in the future. i do not want to install all browsers and their versions on my machines. it would be interesting to see how they support browser updates.
How will it stand against Meer Meer? the Meer Meer service helps to compare and contrast popular browsers on Mac and Windows via a Flex-based interface that works on any Flash-enabled OS (Mac, Windows, Linux). Seems that Meer Meer is a service-based app (or ‘cloud-based’), so there’s no local installation required to use it at a basic level, you can just connect via Flash-enabled browser of choice, and point Meer Meer to an existing site.Know more about Meer Meer here.

Is Meer Meer  released yet? Start of the Preview wars? I would also like to book mark this article 15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools.

I think Microsoft realizes that installers are pain for web applications. No one wants to install software that takes a long time in order to access web application. Microsoft Web Platform Installer offers a single installer to help you to build and run a complete Web solution on the Microsoft Web platform. I feel this similar to automatic  windows Update that comes for the operating system. I installed this today.MWPI also helps to reach out to the community source code repositories for the latest versions by downloading the same across internet.It  does not store the actual application source code.

What is the difference between windows Update and MWPI ? Windows update would provide you software updates/patches. But MWPI provides us the latest software and extensions to existing technologies that you can use to run and build your Web applications.