Today I attended AID Bangalore Chapter monthly meeting and as part of our monthly meeting we have a guest speaker and he was Dasarathi GV. For the last close to 2 years after moving to Brookfield’s, I and my family have been using bus transport and walk and autos(only for late night or with kids) to go around the city and some times I had been thinking whether I am trying to become a victim of Bangalore traffic problem and have added my family to the same. The discussion today with Dasarathi makes me feel good about what we are doing.

Dasarathi is a part of a group of evangelists for a new religion called CyBaNa. Here’s what CyBaNa preach.  It’s a short and very interesting presentation, and after you see it you can do one or more of these:
1. Convert to CyBaNa, just 1 day in a week.Cycle+Bus+Nadiyodu (which means walking in Kannada) as the path to salvation for Bangalore from its biggest problem, the traffic.
2. Join our group of evangelists as an active member. We talk to people and do projects in companies, schools, colleges and residents’ welfare associations. It’s fun !
3. Arrange for us to talk to any group of people that you are associated with – company, school, college, residents of your colony, whatever.
3. Forward the presentation to others.

Effectively “Traffic issue, we created, Let us fix the same.” Blogged about the same in to my blog to share about this with my readers. I am thinking of planning to get bicycle and start cycling. I googled for the speaker’s name and found some interesting articles from this speaker.  Bookmarking them here for future reference.