Some more SilverLight 3.0 Beta

While building POC with SilverLight, we were helped by the work done and shared by the community. This blog is to thank to all the help and book marking the links for my future reference. I would keep updating this blog with more links as I go forward.

MVVM : This is pattern recommended for silverLight. Please remember that silverLight calls to Web services is asynchronous and that brings rise to lot of fun

WCF Service and Handling WCF Exceptions in silverLight 3.0 : Handling WCF exceptions is tricky still in silverLight 3.0

64 bit support

SilverLight is not supported on 64 bit machines.SL in 32-bit mode (and not have a 64-bit native version).But 64-bit operating systems have 32-bit browsers that should work just fine with all these web plug-ins.

Even in 64 bit machines, we can have Sidebar Gadgets that use Silverlight.  The Windows Sidebar application (sidebar.exe) runs by default in 64-bit mode and in order to use a Silverlight-based gadget you need to run sidebar.exe in 32-bit mode.