Ride to work on bicycle today

For close to an year, I wanted to ride on cycle to work and ride back home. I bought cycle 3 weeks back on Sunday on Commercial street and had a ride of 15 kms to home. The bicycle is a sports cycle with gears fitted to the back wheels and is black in color. Attached is a red color one  similar to mine.


The first ride gave rise to a lot of pain in my body as I was riding after 11 years. I became less confident whether I could ride 13 Kms to office by riding a bicycle . To boost my confidence to ride, I tried round trips of starting from 3 kms during week days to  12 Kms during weekends, near my home.

Practice made me confident, I decided to ride to work by bicycle. Today I ride to office by cycle. Nice thing was I crossed the people waiting in cars  and it was a smooth ride, but for challenges in Marthahalli bridge and Agara traffic. Today I did not wear helmet and came safe. My energy level was boosted and i am assuring myself that cycle to work does not make me tired to focus on work

When I come on the Volvo bus, I spend 45 minutes on normal day and today was normal day to cycle and I end up spending  1hour 15 minutes to come to office. That is not bad. I wish the folks coming to my office from close areas like HSR Layout atleast move from their power vehicles to ride by bicycle. Guys! it is real  fun.

I plan to ride home again back, but have to leave before it becomes dark. I might have to buy a helmet if I become regular. I plan to already ride 2 days a week by bicycle going forward. Hope this blog serves as motivation for me to ride 2 days to work on cycle.