I learnt a new term called netbook and for a lot of time though it was notebook and later realized I was not. when tried to Google on netbook, I found very hard to tell the difference between netbook and notebook, netbook and smart phone.

The production of netbooks has been influenced by the arrival of new  power-saving new processors like Atom from Intel and One laptop per child program. A netbook is a small, light weight, low cost, highly portable, energy efficient alternative to a full sized laptop computer. They are primarily used for web browsing, email, and instant messaging and have USB ports to hook up peripheral devices like integrated speakers, webcams, Wi-Fi, and more.

If i need to upgrade my home laptop which is 6 years old, should I buy a new notebook or netbook? Netbooks can run most Office applications such as Excel and Word very easily, but not heavy programs such as Photoshop or large image processing.  The attached link that compares the features of today’s netbooks and the cost of netbook seems to be far less than 50% of laptop cost.