Connected in social networking site . What does it mean?

I am part of a lot of social networking sites like LinkedIn, Face book and not to miss Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. I am sure that a lot of you reading this blog and also are members of a lot of interesting groups. For a few days, I have been pondering over what has been achieved by being member of these  groups. I am sure lot of you have got benefited from business wide, got a good reference that helped in finding a job. Some can point out that we can get in touch if we want. This is list of social networking sites from Wikipedia. Some also point out i had a question and asked a lot of suggestions(were they goo or bad)

What happens if you lose your login to one of the networking sites or some one hacks your password  and you are thrown out by this site. I am recently thrown out by Skype after having used a paid account for more than 3 years today. I have a lot of my contacts numbers on Skype and now being locked out, i am not sure when I am going to get my contact numbers back. Other idea is to store in mobile and what happens when the mobile loses?

Pondering more made me think more. I am sure a lot of you might disagree with me on the below thoughts

What is the human relationship created, community problems solved  through these network

  • What is the percentage of total members of your network you interact on weekly basis?
  • What is the percentage of total members of your network you interact on monthly basis?

When I started looking at the numbers for myself, I found the number to be extremely low. You connected with a school mate who you have not met for more than 10 years or a colleague who you worked with 10 years back. Unless you have real contacts on regular basis, what is the point of these relationships. May be it would be a good exercise for networking sites to list categories of people you have really contacted and you have never contacted after the introduction or the first email.

We also see that one has a lot of colleagues from the current employer as part of the network. Good there is a community. What do we do together? Do we all form a cooperative society to work for some common cause? Or even jointly to buy land or study for a course and get a degree? NO

I am realizing  that my father is right. He is 70 years old and does not check emails or internet or discourages to talk on phone. He wants to meet in person and talks for a long time. He has asked me an my sister to write an inland letter and send by post and I have never send it. My sister send a letter and she got a detailed letter couple of months back. I used to think that he is old man and follows old fashion. May be i am wrong.

  • I would have my contact numbers with me in a notepad(old fashioned way)
  • I would try to get in touch and have better relationship with current contacts rather than joining  networks.
  • I would try to talk to people more on phone rather than in IMs. if the person is in my building I would try to walk to his desk and talk to him in person
  • I would start writing inland letter and post it this week to my father

Did the world have more human relationship created, community problems solved without these web based networks. I would like to hear from the readers of this blog.