Impact of Technology on Learning today


I was reading this article "Alternative Schools in India; Some advantages and Disadvantages". I am trying to impart to myself that the process of learning has changed a lot with  the advent of internet. The need to memorize is reduced as compared to the schools of old. The role of computers has started to have a significant role of learning. Does this mean every one can learn online? I heard some episodes of my relative children. I explored for myself  and here are my ramblings.


I see that one can gain two type of knowledge. Explicit knowledge and Tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is defined as knowledge that is easily documentable. Tacit knowledge is the one that is difficult to document and is build based on practice and is best communicated by one to another in person. The role of teacher has become significantly reduced in terms of explicit knowledge has been reduced with the internet.


As the learning no more needs one to memorize, the learner needs to focus on fundamentals and the whole learning becomes self-read and self paced and very little to be spoon -fed. The onus of learning is more on the learner and not on teacher. The teacher is there only to steer one in right direction. But the need of teacher is more needed as the guidance and steering is not much available  on the internet.