Get prepared for 2015

A friend of mine was raising a question where will we be in  5 years from now. I have been thinking this question for my work and personal life for quite some time, looking at my past for the rich learning’s. Where should I focus my energies?


1. Learn to rely more on others and also be successful. Build people skills, build, nurture and maintain positive relationships, develop ability to serve, motivate and foster collaboration among team members. Accept that it is hard on me if I try to be on the top of everything and in control of everything.

2. Give more attention to pick up on events and interactions (both verbal and non-verbal) and to process those inputs in real time and across plan and pick the knack to articulate one’s ideas to a wide audience using the most effective communication specific to each group. Accept that people are different and they expect to be treated different.

3 Stay focused on the big picture and to prioritize competing responsibilities. Go past small picture and working in idealism.

4. Build more willingness and work towards building the ability to replan one’s approach to  a planned course of action in response to change. You need to plan and plans shall change. Accept where you are today without plans ahead of time.

5. Be result oriented and not task oriented. and learn to get the tasks done  effectively and efficiently. Learn the art of doing nothing and get the work done. Beware that working hard and working for extended hours alone might  not always get the desired results.

6. Think and then talk, not talk and think both at the same time.

7. Listen to the family/customer, understand family/customer/end user needs and the drive to meet both of your needs by having a strategy for each of them and align tactical work around that strategy. These are more important than putting extra hours and weekends and delivery on time. Need to remember that this cannot be performed for a long time.

8. Do not try to control emotions, try to handle emotions.


I have started trying some of them. Let me motivate myself. Best of Luck Srini and thanks to Prakash for the words "the only thing  permanent is change."