Can I allow another person mistakes to affect me?

Till recent times, I have become emotional on a another person’s mistake . The emotion affects me badly at work and with the right intention that I want to help my other person and the wrong assuming that other person is aware of the mistakes, the approach I have taken towards other person’s mistake has not been right. When a Colleague’s Mistakes Affect You helped me realize where I am getting lost in my emotion and me  building a wrong impression at my work and at my personal life.

I would be aware of the learning’s from the blog and copying the same for my future reference,

  1. Understand what’s really going on. Try to determine if the problem is short-term or long-term.
  2. Engage in conversation with the colleague  in an informal, private setting and you should always follow good feedback rules. Don’t accuse or blame your colleague. Use concrete examples to explain what you are seeing and its impact on you. Be direct and honest with your colleague about how the mistakes are affecting you .Never assume your colleague is aware of the mistakes
  3. Offer Help and Support.Offer help if the colleague is struggling with a short-term issue such as a heavy workload or a personal issue. Keep in mind that relationships matter

Let me also plan to protect myself, by taking credit where credit is due and Make my work visible. When I do this I would make use of the active voice instead of the passive voice. For example, try saying "I prepared these analyses that show where we should be investing resources" rather than "These analyses show where we should be investing resources."