Learning the Heart Way by Samyuktha

The title is the name of a book. It is published by OtherIndiaStore.  I saw this book at Deb and Satabdi home for the first time and reading few pages, I was impressed. I wanted to buy the same and did not find this book anywhere in Bangalore. then Satabdi and Deb introduced me to sutradhar where I could buy the book. On my vacation last week, I bought this book and started reading. My review of the book is as follows

“An young girl decides that she is not going to work based on competition and decided the opt out of the race of competition. She learns things for herself and for self expression. She finds what she is passionate about. She takes an approach to learn and succeeds there without  mugging written texts of history; political science, economics, psychology and yes, sociology. Effectively she create her own curriculum that suits both her heart and mind. I consider this as marvellous book on learning ‘as if the heart mattered.”

I am sad that the book was not there when I finished school, but I am happy that I read the book now. I would recommend this book as a good gift for yourself first and then for your children, your relatives, your team members.