Man’s Search for Meaning

Thanks to Barry, I read this book. “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. This book was very motivating. It starts with the author’s experience  of the holocaust and how he handled the same and how he kept himself motivated. It  also proves that it is possible to analyze your own experiences and get a great insight to better our life. The truth you learn is “Freedom to choose his response”.

Not me, not any one reading this blog will ever have to experience the horrors that Victor Frankl and others experienced in the Nazi death camps, but all of us have faced challenges and disappointments. How did we react to them?  Do we act or we are acted upon?

We inevitably choose to be who we are. Frankl’s argument is that, if we choose wisely, we can triumph even in tragedy. It’s a truth many of us have lost sight of in our cynicism.  Let me  take responsibility for my life and responses(emotions) and results