Work always finds those who do it

You work hard, complete your work ahead of time. You think it is your duty to do as much work as possible. You  have increasing work on the premise that it is good for the organisation and more critically, on the assumption that they will do it anyway. You also think that you have to do this out of obligation or sense of gratitude to some one. if  you work based on one of the above, Read  The Chandrasekaran principle 

  • Rule 1: Never make the mistake of offering to do anything unasked
  • Rule 2: Never finish an assignment ahead of time.
  • Rule 3: Always make issues more complicated than they actually are and inform all and sundry, especially your superiors, about the "alleged" complexities time and again
  • Rule 4: Never be typecast. Once in a while, when least expected, spring a surprise by being very proactive and then lapse into following Rule 1.
  • Rule 5: Show flashes of brilliance and originality from time to time
  • Rule 6: Always be helpful to your peers when they need it in completing their work
  • Rule 7: Remember that Rome was not built in a day
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