Am I going to do something about it?

A lot of folks that I know are highly educated. I had a friend today who said that his sister ended paying the fees what my friend paid for whole education from kindergaden to college. I paid donations for admissions of my kid. I was very unhappy. We all crib about the donations that we pay to schools. But we do not take any actions. People working in the areas of education in NGO sector also pay donations to schools for their own children while they are completely aware of the education and the value to be paid for the same. Am I going to do something about it?

Education institutions have become smart in collecting donations. They create a trust and the trust provides receipts for the donations collected and on the payment of donation, the child is provided with admission to the school. I have rarely seen schools collecting the donations by cheque in the name of the school. this month my daughter’s school has become more smarter. My second kid goes to a small school nearby. This school has only kindergarten and they want advance fees payment for the second year before the first year.  Please read this article “Coaching syndrome” and education institutes are planning for IPOs. I think after all the cribbing we would buy apply for the coaching institute IPO. See the attached link.Am I going to do something about it?

The elders at my family consider that I being a Brahmin is expected to perform ceremonies during death anniversary of  my mother and my grand father. In these ceremonies I need to pay the priest a  lot of money . The priest is all well and in today’s world runs a business.  My wife wants me to follow as she fears ill effects of not performing.

A lot of us in city today run nuclear families celebrate birth days of our children in a grand fashion. I have nothing against buying a new dress for our children and some small sweets to distribute to everyone. What happens today? We arrange for birthday party, order cakes and snacks and call everyone we know and give a grand party. This also adds with decoration at the home and to top, we have concept of return gifts. Return gifts are gifts provided to all children who come for the birth day party. Today, in apartments every family celebrates and at some times parents break their heads to provide which gifts to whom and how expensive the gift needs to be.Am I going to do something about it?