Types of listening

Listening is a skill we never learn. We learn to talk in school in front of a group of people, but we never learn to listen when we are a child. At times, we end up pretending to listen, but actually doing something else. Please look at this blog “Are Your Poor Listening Skills Hurting You?.  Book marking some summary for myself

  • Removed listening is just what it sounds like: removed.  You’re mind is elsewhere and you risk letting me feel like I’m being ignored. Example When I am on the computer
  • Reactive listening, is being somewhat more attentive than removed, but still not wholly attentive. If I ask you a question, you reply with a straightforward answer but not a lot of thought
  • Responsible listening when you not only react to what I have said but reply with further action or elaboration
  • Receptive listening  With this kind of listening, you let me know that you empathize fully with what I have to say, and are trying to feel what I am feeling.

if  you don’t have enough time to be responsible or receptive? Then a) consider having the conversation later, b) explaining the situation and asking the person to bottom-line it for you, or c) realize how much time you’ll save in the long run by listening carefully the first time around and exercise some patience.