Learning Azure

I and my team are learning Windows Azure and we started with  listening to webcasts of PDC 2009. At top level, we see the following areas to understand and learn.

  • Storage in Azure
  • Computation in Azure
  • Windows Azure Pricing; what is the development cost involved to build cloud enabled software? 
  • Software Development with Windows Azure
  • Comparison of Azure Vs Amazon EC2 V Google App Engine
  • SQL Azure Storage
  • Windows App Fabric

We start with the first 3 and I am listing here for my reference what does the first two means for me. Might be thinking of writing my thoughts on each of them.

Storage in Azure
1.Implement Data Storage in  Windows Azure: Blobs and Blocks
        What are the scenarios that requires  blobs and blocks? Where should Blobs not be used?
2.Implement Data Storage in  Windows Azure : Tables
       What are the scenarios that requires tables?Where should tables not be used?
3.When to use Azure storage and when to use SQL Azure for storing data?
4.How does scenario and pricing affect the selection of storage? Which data storage provides me with the best performance and maximum cost benefit?

Computation in Windows Azure
1.Communicate between Web Role and Worker Roles
        Communication synchronously
        Communication async using Windows Azure Queues
2.Expose Various applications via Windows Azure
       Host Web service
       SMTP Service
       PHP application
       MYSQL application
3. What is the process of Upgrade Web Roles and Worker Roles
   Can application restart or  no application restart
   Does Windows Azure update itself? How to specify the Windows Azure version that my application needs to use.
4. Diagnostics available in Windows Server are all available in Windows Azure and similar APIs exist
    What does it cost for diagnostics? How do i maximize my ROI of the cost spend on diagnostics
    What to collect and when to collect Diagnostics
    What is transferred and Remember the cost to retrieve and store
    WMI is available locally at Windows Azure and you need to retrieve them and store in Windows Storage
    Audit or monitor that bills from Microsoft is correct.
5.Explore communication between multiple web role and multiple workers roles
   Externalizing authentication : Need for  a single sign-on capability
   Do we have certificate store in Windows Azure?
   Can we schedule the number of web Roles needed based on application load
   Can we schedule the number of worker roles needed based on application load