Provide your old new paper for a noble cause.

We usually sell old newspapers to paperwallas. But have we ever considered that the funds so generated can be used to provide support to an institution that supports advanced stage cancer patient. This apparently small gesture (from 200 houses) contributes towards a day’s food for all the patients. This is a significant contribution towards the running of Karunashraya.

We can help them in a small way by just giving them old news papers & used cloths. Old news papers are sold by them and they use that money for the medication. Old clothes are used by the patients & even torn cloths are used for their wound dressing purpose. The drive is usually conducted on the prescheduled day of every month, and families keep their piles of old newspapers and magazines ready for volunteers who collect them from their doorsteps. Karunashraya can support the drive by sending their vehicle to our apartment to collect the Old News Papers & Old cloths on the decided date. The old newspapers are then taken to designated paperwallas.

Karunashraya is now hoping that there will be more people willing to donate their raddi. if you happen to live around , please let me know or Karunashraya know and we can pick the old stuff from your house on Sundays. You can also drop the same at A206. In case of any further information required,  write to or call 80-42685666 .All services to the patients are completely free of charge.