You have localized your application: then What? Be ready for updates and new additions

I see two major process or guidelines that one needs to plan before making successful release of your localized application

  • There should be a way to identify and calculate the delta (modifications) between new and pre-existing files,  regardless of the number of changed
  • The localization expert needs to have capability to identify and track  status (localized or not localized) to the same neutral string across resource files in multiple languages  in the files, thus saving you time and freeing up your resources.

Some simple practices to make localization in large number of languages simpler are

  1. Localized strings have to be maintained like code in code repository. Try to see to that the localization experts and your co developers need to have access to common repository
  2. Plan a numbering scheme for satellite assembly builds and make branches as needed. I prefer to have resource file in neutral language with source code project and have localized strings as part of separate project.
  3. Plan a easier approach for both developer and testers to enable  sync of addition and modification to language strings done by product owners across languages and track the completion of localization of the additions and modifications