How to select a cloud provider

When I want to sign for services to a Cloud provider, I would like to look how the cloud provider scores on the following, in addition to cost advantage and other technical design constraints

  1. Can I move my existing applications to cloud, with little or no effort? This is in addition to building new applications.
  2. Easy way to export and import deployment environment
  3. Support for reusing existing software licenses and not need to purchase licenses again
  4. Support for various infrastructure configurations like firewall settings, configure host IP address, host name and MAC address
  5. Role based user features and provide permission levels for operations: administrator and users
  6. Does the provider helps me to generate costs specific to a specific department in my organization against one single cost to charge back the respective departments. the only way today is to sign multiple accounts.
  7. Self-Service Web Portal for Functional Users to get the job done with minimal intervention
  8. Good support from the provider and good availability of training materials