Before you voice your disagreement

I always voice my disagreement when something goes wrong in my home or at my work. I do it with everyone and it does not matter whether it is CEO or the lowest level employee and have never been afraid to question some one in public on disagreement.  Being in senior position, people interpret my voice of disagreement in different ways. Some take it as command, some as insult and some as a real good input. This has lead me to having fun that I did not enjoy in relationships. I always have been thinking that should I not question when something is wrong. Today I read When You Think the Strategy is Wrong.  After reading, I need to follow a better approach to voice my disagreement.  Bookmarking the Do and Don’t from the article.


  • Understand the root cause of your concerns
  • Research the inputs and assumptions underlying the strategy
  • Express your concerns to your immediate boss first


  • Insist that your concerns be heeded
  • Assume you know the assumptions or reasoning behind the strategy
  • Question the strategy in a public setting