Performance Cycle

After reading Sendhil blog Lightweight performance review system, I have been thinking and observing. I see employees are looking for change(increase) in salary in comparison with others(same organization or similar organization). They are not aware of what their skills need to be paid.  The employer wants to provide an optimal hike to satisfy most of the employees. Some times they think can we promote an individual rather than giving him a hike. Let us look beyond that.

I would like to ask employees to look beyond monetary compensation and also the employer.

  1. Are you provided with  a thriving environment?
  2. Are you provided the right opportunity?
  3. Are you provided the training needed to be with the latest technology?
  4. Are you provided goals and your manager helps to achieve the goals?
  5. Are you getting the right mentoring and coaching?
  6. Do you get feedback often? Do you know what you are doing well and what is to improve.
  7. Ask for work life balance? Ask for time for community hour and time to talk in conferences.

Employers think beyond appraisal letters. You treat all the employees as same. They are different human beings and they like to be treated that way. This is not done by providing an individual letter to the employee. Ask employees what they want other than money. Show to employees that organization is committed to provide things mentioned above.

From both sides, guys you need to spend time to get to this model. Let us start to change.