Beware of what is failure, when you are young

Some times one feels that he has success in life and then one feels to be a miserable failure.  When you feel that you are miserable failure, is that results of the performed  action are miserable and unchangeable?

Failure is relative to time.How do we know we have had a good day? The answer is often relative to the passing of time. Time turns a lot of failures into successes. Winning battles is not as important as the resolve to continue no matter what the odds.

Failure is relative to your perspective.Failure is often success when we see it from a different point of view. If we have a positive mindset it is virtually impossible to reflect on any event which doesn’t have some good in it, if only we are willing to look for it.

The perception of life at any given moment may not reveal its true meaning. Achieving our best is always limited by our circumstances.We all have to make decisions and plot our direction only with the information we presently have at hand.