You are promoted. Did you really want to be promoted?

Today with the appraisal cycle getting over, I see a lot of role updates in LinkedIn. First let me congratulate all of you for your promotion to the next role. Now comes my question. You are promoted to work in the next role in the organization you work. Your manager might move to your next role for a variety of reasons including retaining you with the project. Do you know the strengths or perception based on which you are moved to the next role? Some times it might not be related to your strengths at all.

If yes, take the next role, else please politely pass on the next role and ask for opportunities to perform the next role being in the current role and evaluate yourself. Do not do a mistake of moving to the next role for the additional money and power the new role brings in. Based your decision on whether you really want the next role, and are you ready  to the demands of the next role.

  • Does the new role fit into your medium- and long-term career plans?
  • Are you ready for the transition?time, travel, pressures, and challenges? Can your family (or other aspects of your personal life) support this transition? Please ask your wife and children whether they get sufficient time from you. Please check whether you have time for your hobbies
  • Are you prepared to take the difficult decisions, make the judgment calls and perhaps even define your own role.  Beware of the massive unspoken expectation from your team, your peers, and your boss — that you will know exactly what to do.
  • What does it mean to get things done in the new role? Can you ask for help from some one if things are not going well? Is there some one to provide honest and constructive feedback about your performance and help you understand others’ perceptions of you? if there is no one, please be sure whether new role is aligned with your personal goals.
  • Are you qualified or experienced enough to perform say, 40% of the new role reasonably well? Do you like to perform the remaining 60%. Lot of time you might find that you do not like to 50% of the tasks that you have not done in the new role?
  • How hard you need to work in the next role?  People end up finding that new role demands spoil work life balance. Is it possible to move down from the new role, the moment you find that it demands more than what you are ready to give?

Before deciding to accept you upgrade to next role, read books and talk to people  what transition is and find for yourself whether you ready for transition. I liked these articles  Not Everybody wishes to climb the corporate wall, “Accomplish What You Want, Not What You Think You Have to”