I can choose to

1. Focus on a vision: It is not east to identify the top most priority thing that you want to change and focus on that.  There seems to be a lot of times when I start to think why I can’t succeed, rather than the many reasons  how I can succeed. At times, I find myself being lead from the outside, rather than the inside out.

2. Choose my outlook: I want to be patient and nice to myself. But the moment I see some one trying to exploit another person (the exploited need not be me), I get irritated, angry and this create emotions and then I end up performing what I did not want to act.  I am becoming a prisoners of destructive emotions.  I need to change my outlook. Most of the people are selfish and work on their personal goals. They might genuinely  help others, project to work in a team and helps others when these actions help them reach their personal goal. For example, do not try to look at the executive driving a car and talking on mobile and creating a traffic jam. I try to fight with them thinking that he would correct. He might never get himself corrected and I end up with a bad mood for the whole day at work and at home. There is not value added to myself, the public or the executive driving a car.  The only thing I can control is myself, so when I think, I choose my future.

3. Commit to change with discipline: Discipline is to see the long-term picture and keep things in balance. I always want to change, identify what to change and try to practice the change. I seem to be committed to the change for a few days and then I fall back to square one. Why? I am not disciplined enough. I want to come home to catch with my daughters in the evening. How will this happen if I do not leave office till 7 PM? (No one in the office holds me back). I want to hit bed by 10 PM. My daughters and my wife asks me to and my friends asks me too. I am still with my computer.  There is no commitment to change with discipline. To change my habits, one needs to be aware of them. Discipline is what keeps us going when the excitement of first beginning a task is long past.

4. Grow and develop: If one needs to grow, one needs to help others grow and develop. How much do I help my team grow helps me to grow. To grow also means to be more effective. It does not matters how hard I work and how long I work, But what matters is whether others are happy to work with me and is there results worth my effort now or later. To be more effective, I need to step back, take time out, and assess my direction. It will help us grow and keep up with change.

5. Make Choices : Change forces choices. Even change that hits us in the side of the head as a major crisis can be full of growth opportunities — if we choose to look for them. The choice is mine. Whichever we choose, we’re right about that crisis. We make it our reality.