Bye Bye Proteans!

We are almost at the end of Aug 2010 and close to 4.5 years of great tenure at Proteans. I joined Proteans in March 2006 and was a pure techie and had more of coordination experience with team and projects. Currently as Symphony Services has acquired Proteans, I would start working for Symphony Services from the next week. The tenure has been packed with emotions, action and adventures for me. I have been fortunate enough to see company growing from 75 employees to 375. I have grown and matured in handling people compared to 4 years back.

My Learning’s

  • Got exposure to lead teams following agile methodology of software development.
  • Got exposure to new areas. Started doing work in User Interface design, java development, mobile development etc. Also exposed to the basics of project revenue, writing project contracts, raising invoices and tracking revenue.
  • Got opportunity to work with successful product companies and exposure to build some products, tools from scratch, design  innovate and deliver.
  • Learning that we is important than I, teams contribute more than individual
  • Learnt that I am emotional in making decisions and either suppress or outburst my emotions. I need to handle emotions.
  • Learnt that I am not accepting life as it comes and wants to change others. If some thing needs to change, it needs to be me first.
  • Learning  that words matter more than intent. This has made me lose a customer. I  also learnt that actions meant more than words.
  • Learning that once you climb the ladder, the motivation can no more comes from outside factors, but needs to come from inside.
  • Learning that I have high expectation about myself and about others. This serves detrimental to my growth.
  • Become aware and brushed a good amount of technology concepts from informal learning sessions organized by Sendhil
  • Need to learn more about recruitment and building teams from scratch.

Thanks I thank all my team members(all times), admin staff and IT support personnel. Special mention of thanks goes to following for bearing me this long.

  • Prakash Jothi, my change agent.
  • Sudhakar Gorti, for believing in me and providing me the opportunities to make mistakes and learn, in addition to being a nice friend
  • Venkat Hari, instrumental in making me feel home to join Proteans, making me feel OK. You are my buddy.

Overall tenure at Proteans was a good and provided a lot of learning experience in profession and about self. Movement to symphony Services will bring its own set of challenges and there will be lot more to explore and learn.